Online booking only, use link below to book a tee time.

Bookings available at the following times.

BST - Open all day on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and From 12:30 on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

NOV to MARCH - Open all day on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
From 12:30 Tuesday, and from 11:00 on Friday and Sunday. Closed on Saturdays.

You must book and pay in advance. There is no facility to turn up and play.

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Players are asked to respect and abide by the following:

• Replace divots.
• Repair all pitch marks.
• Level sand in bunkers.
• Not to take trolleys on the tees, greens or their surrounds.
• With all competition, matches please show them courtesy.
• Please keep the course tidy.
• All mobile phones are to be silent.
* Sharing of Golf Club's or other equipment is not permitted.

Speed of Play - Policy

For Competition, GPR and Everyday Golf some pointers to remember.

Encourage ‘Ready Golf’– play when safe and ready to do so; not necessarily in order of furthest ball from hole
Players must not Tee off on par 3 holes until the preceding players have cleared the green or have been 'called through'. This particularly important from the 8th and 17th tees
At all times DO NOT play until all players ahead are out of range. If in doubt WAIT.
We encourage the use of Tee pegs on all the Teeing areas
Play a ‘provisional’ ball if you think there is danger that your first ball maybe lost or not easily found. It is a lot quicker to play a second ball from the tee than walk all the way back.
Remember to always announce the brand name and number of your provisional ball to the others in your group, as if you don’t then it automatically becomes the ball in play (see rule 10-3 and rule 27).
Look for your own ball before heading over to help others (where practicable).
Keep an eye on the time when you start your search – remember you have a maximum of 3 minutes per-search - not per-ball
After that the ball is officially lost, so you should continue with your provisional ball. You may play your provisional ball up to the point where you think your ball is lost.
Leave your bag or trolley near the exit to the green
Mark your scorecard on the next tee, or if you are first to tee off, then play your tee shot then mark the card.
There is no shame in calling players through and it benefits everyone. The group behind will certainly appreciate it.
FACT: we all lose balls from time to time even good players(!), and in some cases maybe 2 or 3 players lose balls on the same hole, so unavoidable delays do occur.
In Everyday Golf, groups that are holding up others will be asked to invite the group behind through or be asked to walk on a hole to catch up

If you keep up with the group in front. You cannot be accused of slow play.

Finally, we play golf for fun, not our livelihood, even when we are playing in a competition. However, playing golf is not the same as stroll in the park; nor is the golf course a place for chatter with players in other groups.


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Dress Code


On the Course

The following is for your guidance:

Shirts - roll neck, with a collar, or turtleneck to be tucked into trousers/shorts. Ladies' golf shirts may be worn as designed.

Trousers - tailored or plus twos or plus fours. Socks should not be tucked into trousers.

Men's Shorts - to be tailored and worn with knee length socks pulled up or short predominantly white socks. No draw string or elasticated waistbands,

No outside pockets of any description, Shorts should be worn to the knee or just above.

Ladies' Shorts or Capri Trousers - to be tailored and worn with ankle socks.

Headgear - to be worn correctly i.e. peaks facing forward.

Golf Shoes - recognised golf shoes designed and made for the purpose may be worn.