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For more information on the Rules of Golf, please visit usga.org or randa.org.

2023 RULES OF GOLF: 5 KEY CHANGES The R&A and the USGA have released the most recent edition of the Rules of Golf, effective January 2023. HERE ARE 5 KEY CHANGES

New Rule — Modifications for Players with Disabilities

These modifications are
now part of the Rules
and are in effect for all
competitions and all
players who fall under
the categories covered
in new Rule 25.

Replacing Damaged Clubs

If your club is damaged during
a round (except
in cases of abuse)
you may replace it,
repair it or continue
to use it.

Ball Moved by Natural Forces

When your ball is at rest
after taking relief and
then rolls into another
area of the course due
to natural causes, there
is no penalty, and you
must replace it.

Handicap on Scorecard (Stroke Play Only)

You are not required to put your handicap on your
scorecard and there is no penalty if you return your
scorecard in a competition with an incorrect handicap,
as this is now the Committee’s responsibility.
This change is consistent with other penalty reductions,
such as reducing the penalty for playing an incorrectly
substituted ball from the general penalty to one stroke.

Simplified Back-on- the-Line Relief

When using this relief
option, you are required
to drop your ball on the
line, and it may roll up
to one club-length in
any direction.